Veľká Rača

Veľká Rača Kysucké Beska highest peak is located in a beautiful area of National Nature Reserve Greater Fatra.

Veľká Fatra National Park was created in order to preserve the forests primeval type and pseudokarst phenomena (small and large rock hole), which are in the Kysuce very rare. Peak, Velká Raca forms the state border with Poland and beyond the National Park begins winter and summer resort Veľká RačaOščadnica.

In good weather, the Veľká Rača arises from picturesque views over Moravian - Silesian Beskydy Pilsko, Babia hora, or mountains of Mala Fatra (Big Rozsutec) or Roháče.

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The easiest way is to open the top of the village Veľká Rača Oščadnica of which can easily get to the recreation center parking lot in Dedovka. Hike to the top is easy, takes about 2 hours. Leading to her three hiking trails along the blue, green and red markings.

On the Polish side of the hill is a tourist lodge. Other hiking trails lead from the surrounding villages Zborov Bystrica and Stara Bystrica, eventually from Poland after the yellow sign.

Ski resort Veľká Rača operates three chair lifts and cross-country skiing can use targeted the ski trail. In the summer of available cable and bobsleigh track, trampoline and climbing wall also.
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