Oščadnica is a village located in north-west of Slovakia, in county called Kysuce, it's a part of district Čadca and also a part of county Žilina. Our village belongs to one of the longest villages in Slovakia. It's more than 12 kilometres long and it's area is 59 square kilometres. In the present it has more than 5700 citizens with permanent residence.

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Oščadnica belongs to the most prominent centres of mainly winter but also summer tourism, not only in region Kysuca, but in entire Slovakia. In the past few years our village has been renowned for it's massively expanding tourism, of which inseparable part is ski resort Snow Paradise - Veľká Rača, that is only 500 metres far from the lodge, which is a real paradise for beginners and demanding skiers. During summer months, our visitors can have lots of fun in summer amusement park Sun Paradise - Veľká Rača, that is only 500 metres far from the lodge, located in the complex of ski resort. Those, who prefer stillness and beautiful nature, can find opportunities for lovely walks, lots of mushrooms, bilberries and other forest fruits.

Broader neighbourhood of region Kysuca offers countless turistical or cultural places, that you should visit. All you have to do is come to us.

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